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We are a not-for-profit group devoted to hunting for coins, jewelry, relics, and artifacts. Members use metal detectors on land and in shallow water. Members are available to recover lost property on the beaches or in public parks. The club has monthly meetings with speakers and programs. Members also bring their monthly finds for display. Guest are welcomed. Florida Tide Charts. Secretary: John Burke Kevin Bean Treasurer: Laurie Haire - Website Administrator: John Lobota papertiq bellsouth.

Besides the meetings the club also has monthly hunts. Some hunts are planted and other hunts are held on private sites where permission has been granted to hunt. Some private sites have been campgrounds, fairgrounds, race tracks, etc. Also the club has a holiday party in December and picnics throughout the year.

Calendar of Club Events. Always check Federal, State, County and local laws before searching. Remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter found. Appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, wildlife and private property.

Act as an ambassador for the hobby; use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times. All treasure hunters may be judged by the example you set; always conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration for others.

Kevin Reilly's Memorial. Tribute to Bob "Frogfoot" Weller. Palm Beach County Guide to Services pdf 80 pages incl. Take care to refill all holes and do no damage. Never destroy historical or archeological treasures. Online Gold Maps Metal Detector.Here is a list of Florida metal detecting clubs. If you are new to the hobby these organizations can help you in many ways.

Any knowledge received can be a bonus that helps you become better at searching for items. If you are a club member and the information is not correct, or you wish to update it, please contact me by using the form below. As a club, we have returned lost items, recovered evidence for local authorities, assisted in missing persons and have donated to many different charities. We meet the 2nd Friday of every month.

Come and join us! Visitors are always welcome! The South Florida Treasure Hunters Club was founded as a family oriented organization, by which all metal detecting enthusiasists in South Florida would have the opportunity to meet and converse with others that have the same interests.

Petersburg, Florida There are no dues and most meetings have specific programs and a business meeting to start. West State Archeological Society Inc. Dedicated to the preservation of Florida's History! Florida Law. Please use the form below if any information regarding Florida metal detecting clubs is incorrect, or if you would like me to ad information about a club I may have missed.

Privacy Policy. Back Issues. This Form cannot be submitted until the missing fields labelled below in red have been filled in. Clubs About Me. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls. Helena St. Comments or Questions.San Luis Obispo, CA Webmaster Tom Williams. We are half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco in the "garden spot" of the state.

We have ocean beaches close by, but in just a few hours, one can be high in the mountains and in the "Mother Lode" country, or deep in the desert with its associated ghost towns and mining camps.

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CCTHA was started in by a group of metal detector enthusiasts. Our Club, from this humble start, has continued to grow. We have numerous Club sponsored functions throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to attend. Our members are hobbyists that enjoy all forms of treasure hunting, which you could say is the discovery of objects, new and old, usually hidden from view. Examples are metal detecting, gold panning, dredging for gold, bottle hunting, rock and mineral hunting.

It does not matter what type of treasure hunting you enjoy. We welcome everyone with an interest in treasure hunting in all its forms.

Good luck! Now that you have gotten to know some of who we are and what we do, continue to enjoy our website and visit often to see what's new. Who are we? Our members pay very reasonable annual dues. Members participating in the events described below can easily recoup dues. Enjoyable monthly meetings, with raffles, snacks and an occasional guest speaker. A growing Library of books and video tapes relevant to our hobby. The members present vote for a winner in each category who are awarded a silver coin.

A vote of the members present determines the winner of a gold coin. The prizes again are silver coins. And a great lunch following.

Where to hunt? The list goes on and on. Topographic maps and aerial photographs of an area can provide many clues about what was there before. There is no limit to the places that people have been and what they might have left behind. You are only limited by your efforts as to how successful a hunter you will be. We welcome your input on identifying and researching places to hunt.

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Make contact with property owners for permission to gain access. Finding the property owner is easy. They have old records of property uses and aerial photographs of those areas.

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The Assessor's office will have the most current legal owner's name and mailing address so that you can get in touch with them. Gaining access to the property can provide the greatest difficulty. All too often property owners are the subject of law suits and can be very resistant to letting a stranger onto a promising site. We would like to hear your stories of difficulties or successes in accessing a property for treasure hunting.Florida offers metal-detecting adventures in all corners of the state.

One of the more popular types for a saltwater environment involves pulse induction detectors, like the Garrett Infinium. A set of headphones helps block out extraneous noise so you can quickly detect the increased sound level when the detector head sweeps over something metallic. If you want to rent a metal detector, you can find them in most areas with a simple Google search.

Many treasure hunters find the most success by being methodical.

treasure coast metal detecting club

You can mentally grid an area and work it slowly, taking one step per sweep of the metal detector in front of you as you hold it just above the sand. Depending on the quality of the detector and the buried metal object, you can find things as small as a dime 12 inches below the surface.

Sort through the debris and inspect anything unusual. A screened device at the end of a handle can reduce a lot of stooping, but simple garden tools, such as a hand scoop or pail, will suffice. The heavy wave action stirs up the sediment and at times picks up objects, like coins, and tumbles them right onto the beaches.

Look for areas with more shell deposits than others, as this might indicate where strong currents are sweeping across the bottom and depositing loose objects onto the beach sand. Florida State Parks are glorious, encompassing vast beaches, forests and natural areas -- and using metal detectors in them is allowed, at least in certain designated areas.

treasure coast metal detecting club

Nobody wants to get a ticket, or worse, have their equipment confiscated. Rules and regulations are complicated, and vary from location to location.

Read on to discover where metal-detecting is allowed and prohibited. Overall, remember that objects more than 50 years old are state property and are illegal to retrieve by private operators.

At coastal parks, you can hunt between the waterline and toe of the dune, as determined by park managers. The exception is at archaeological sites.

A Guide to Metal-Detecting in Florida: The Thrill of the Hunt

But always check with the park of your choice for details. Rules can change and are different at different parks. For example, Little Talbot Island State Parklocated in northeast Florida, allows metal-detecting currently but they used to allow it only in a restricted area. In fact, per the Code of Federal Regulations"Possessing or using a mineral or metal detector, magnetometer, side scan sonar, other metal detecting device, or subbottom profiler" is prohibited in all national parks.

The following list which is not comprehensive helps to target where metal-detecting is allowed — and prohibited — all over Florida. In general, stay out the water, whether it's salt or fresh water.

On the beach, all lands below the mean high-water line are state sovereignty submerged lands. That even means wet sands.

Metal Detecting Clubs

Remember that objects more than 50 years old are state property and are illegal to retrieve by private operators. Permission can be either verbal or in a written. One caveat: if the property encompasses a known or registered archaeology, historical or Native American burial site, they will be off-limits to metal detecting.Florida, the 4 th largest economy State in USA, is almost a paradise for hobbyists who love beach metal detecting!

Indeed, the State is known for its outstanding beaches all over the place …. Better yet, it is a state that holds lot of opportunities for significantly high potential finds! However, it is extremely important to have a deep understanding regarding the laws regulating this hobby there.

Metal detecting on the west coast of Scotland finding lots of coins & 24k gold pendant

I include:. Generally this hobby is allowed in Florida! It is important to understand it is in no way outlawed in the state.

Yet, if you are a detectorist, just keep in mind that there are particular areas with historical value that are protected from any type of detecting or prospecting activity. State parks in Florida also require you to have a permit before doing any prospecting activity ….

treasure coast metal detecting club

On beaches, this hobby is allowed, but only in public areas and also with the permission of a supervisor or manager …. If you want to begin detecting in a park, then the Little Talbot Island State Park will be an ideal place to start with. It is located in northeast Florida and allows detecting. Earlier, though, practicing this hobby was only allowed in a restricted area of the park.

AT stands for all-terrain! The model has an 8.

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It is of an ideal size that you can carry it around easily as well and it also covers plenty of terrains, while also managing to catch the smaller targets. The AT Pro model also has a superb ground balancingregardless of which setting you choose — automatic or manual. It also has a continuous coin depth indicator that tells you how far you have to dig.

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It can operate at 15 kHz of frequencyallowing you to find the smaller items as well. The audio is also of excellent quality. One of the reasons why I am recommending this model is due to the strong filtration system the device has for picking up trash….

Since there are many types of trash littering the beaches in Florida due to the massive crowd that throngs therethis device will easily ignores the tin foil, but at the same time helps you look for valuable items. Obviously there are dozens of other models that can work for you just fine! Yet, the AT Pro still has the advantage of being a popular machine, thus, information about it online and among hobbyists is much more available! One factor that sets apart Florida from other states is that it is possible to get a lifetime permit to detect across all the eligible sites!

In fact, several clubs there will be able to provide you with updated information about the entire process of getting the permit. In fact, during the 18th centuryaround 11 Spanish galleons ships that were heavily laden with coinsjewelryand many other precious items got shipwrecked on the coast of Florida…. So if you want to search for gold there, you should begin your search on the east-central beaches….

Prime areas for searching for gold also stretch for several miles north and south and some places worth searching include:. You will learn a ton of helpful info on how to come up with this valuable metal in an efficient way!

Florida was once known as a haven for pirates and their lost loot. With a little bit of research, you might just be able to find the pirate booty hidden in the state. It is believed that the pirates left behind a vast variety of relics and precious gemstones, gold coins, and other treasures.

In a state where detectorists flock to for trying their luck in finding gold, there are bound to be shops and dealers of detecting equipment. Due to the popularity of this hobby there, many dealers are available in the state. These include:.Here's a blog i read regularly about just your area, VERY good reading Living the American dream, just a bit further south What is the least expensive detector that I could use on the beach in FL? Not the least expensive detector, but the least expensive one that might work and hold up on the beach.

What do you think Welcome, Go find a Minelab SovereignCost good used about or less. Any soverign from the first ones to the latest will work fine and is equal to and some say better deeper then the Excalibur. The main difference is the Soverign is not waterproof which I think is a mute point since you cant hunt in the water in that area. The other difference is that the Excalibur a fixed salt water detector.

Goldquest P. Minelab Sovereign. Fisher Impulse. Wet and dry sand ok so double check and make sure you are clear of those areas. I will be in Vero Beach on vacation next week. I know that you can't hunt in the water. The only metal detecting allowed is from the tide line to the dune area.

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You have a great location for a second home. There is no water hunting permitted from Stuart north to the Cape. These waters are leased to salvage companies. You can hunt from the water line to the dunes.

What he said. When you guys say water line are you saying at low tide you can do the wet sand to the dunes, from the water's edge? You just can't go in the water? Or is it only from the high tide mark? I'm looking to move to the Melbourne area and I might have to give it some thought if I can't go in the water. It was a dangerous place to be in a hurricane. But, most wrecks are just offshore a few hundred yards and wave action and erosion will bring an occasional Spanish cob of silver stolen from South America.

Dont get your feet wet in a leased area. The area is practically solid leases and where one ends, another usually begins per GPS boundaries that can be found on the internet. Just google treasure fleet coordinates Get caught in the wrong place in the water and its goodby detector, goodbye car you drove there in, possible huge fines, and likely jail.

As has been stated, there are beach boundaries on the sand that are OK Sometimes storm surges will cut the dunes and bring out the good stuff every now and then that has been buried and out of reach.

Metal Detecting in FLORIDA (Laws, Beaches, Clubs, Parks …)

However, most people who live in the area are perfectly content to sand hunt with an appropriate detector. Lucie has a MD club with a website and fairly regular meetings.I took a trip overseas, I got a hit and found a watch band buckle.

I put in in my pouch and then had a huge hit on my Excal. This was a 14K 42 gram chain that I found on the same trip while metal detecting. Beach Metal detecting is my favorite thing to do. I started metal detecting December of I have traveled overseas on 6 occasions to detect and usually spend a week detecting from Sunrise to Sunset.

I do this here in the states too. Most people would say that is a little crazy considering I am 67 years old. My favorite thing to do is water detect but I also detect in the dry and wet sand. Dig all those pull tabs and have lots of patience You will find that this can be the hobby of your life.

treasure coast metal detecting club

I have never found anything that will challenge you, help you make friends, give you great exercise and pay you for doing it. So get out there and go detecting. You will be glad that you did. Copyright Treasure Coast Metal Detecting. All rights reserved. Some of my finds over the years. Garry Mueller. View on Mobile.